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Hydraulic and lubrication

SEIM has expanded its capability in manufacturing reliable Products to meet the needs of your applications in moving fluids. From the original offer for submersible screw pumps to three screw pumps suitable to achieve high end performances, SEIM succesfully serve its pumps in a wide range of market sectors.
SEIM knowledge comes from its 40 years experience in manufacturing reliable Products. Our guarantee to supply quality Products for your success in highly specialized sectors is granted by our final shop 100% inspection and testing of our Products. Certificates and tests reports are available to offer a complete supply to our Customers and business Partners.
– THREE ROTOR PUMPS – For hydraulic oils, lube oils, fuels, and others
– TWIN SCREW PUMPS – For chemicals, detergent and soaps, diathermic oils
– HIGH ACCURACY SCREW FLOW METERS – For a reliable flow measurement
– COOLERS – (Air oil heat exchangers) equipped by SEIM screw pump
– RELIEF & SAFETY VALVES – The natural complement to SEIM screw pump


  •  Mobile and fixed off-line filtration systems, mobile systems for piping flushing
  •  Test benches
  •  Heat exchange systems
  •  Hydraulic presses, booster systems for hydraulic presses and metal folding machines

Triple Screw Pumps


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