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Iron and Steel

Steel industry is one of the most important markets of SEIM in the world.
This has become possible thanks to the recognition of the quality and reliability guaranteed by the 100% Italian brand of SEIM, recognition witnessed by the introduction of our Brand in the Vendor List of the leading companies in this sector. Thanks to this fact, SEIM is a constant presence in the systems produced in the last two decades by the manufacturers of the conditioning of hydraulic fluids and lubricants systems for steel plants which are installed world-wide.
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  •  Loading, Unloading And Stripping
  •  Engine Room: Booster And Separator Feeder And Circulating
  •  Boiler And Burner Feeder
  •  Deck Machinery Hydraulics
  •  Lubrication:engine, Thrusterand Gear Box

Triple Screw Pumps


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