General characteristics

SEIM air-oil heat exchanger units are extremely efficient in carrying out their intended task of cooling the oil in the hydraulic circuits in which they are installed.

The heart of the unit consists of a SEIM 3 screw pump, highly reliable and silent.

The oil is cooled using air produced by a helical fan mounted coaxially with the screw pump.

  • high suction capability because of the screw pump
  • low noise because of a special fan designed for 50 and 60Hz speeds and the use of a screw pump
  • low total cost because of built-in accessories for NSC series, or do it yourself supplied accessories for NEG series
  • OPTION: safety relief valve of the pump (standard valve setting = 6 bar)


HOW IT WORKS: The Oil Cooler can be mounted directly to the power unit or located in a remote location.
When the oil temperature in the reservoir reaches the pre-set limit, the pump start to reticulate the oil through the radiator.
This process reduces the oil temperature depending on site conditions.


Specifications - Overall dimensions - Sales Catalogue

Delivery pressure up to 6 bar (87 psi)
Operating temperature between 20° and 90°C (between 68° and 194°F) For other values contact Seim
Operating speed 2700 to 3200 rpm NEG03 1450 to 1750 rpm NEG03, NEG06, NEG10, NEG14
Average noise level 67 - 71 dB(A) at 2900 rpm based on blower
Recommended filtration 60 micron max on suction side (non-abrasive pollutant) ISO4406 19/16 - NAS 10
Pump flow rate between 25 and 66l/min (6.6 to 17.4 USGPM)
Blower flow rate between 600 and 2500 m3/h (between 353 and 1471 CFM )
Available voltage 50 hz: 400 -230 - 440 three-phase 230 single-phase
Speed 60 hz: 380 -220 - 480 -575 - 460- 440 three-phase 220 single-phase