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Cooling and lubricating (Machine Tools)

The growing demand to improve machining process, both in terms of quality and performance, the machining of new materials specific for their use in critical applications – such as in the power generation sector or aerospace industry or, more in the daily life regarding the automotive industry, requires higher demanding performances.
SEIM offers a range of highly successful three-screw pumps: the PWO Series.
Top performance and reliability are its trademark in the cooling and lubricating market: either the medium is water-oil emulsion or cutting oil, the PWO pump guarantees the high performance of the machine tool or its ancillary system in which it is installed.
Next to the PWO Series we have the evolution of the range dedicated to these applications, the PWA and the PWE, designed to meet the even more demanding performance and functional challenges.
SEIM also offers a range of its own safety and regulation valves.
The supply is completed (upon request) by accessories such as an electric motor – also governed by inverter, tank plate and IN/OUT pipes.


  • Tool cooling: high pressure pump PW series – 100 bar
  • Tool cooling: pump PB series – 40 bar
  • Filtration system on-board
  • Auxilary filtration system (stand alone)

Triple Screw Pumps


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